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Welcome to the homepage of Dong-a University hospital.

All Dong-A University Medical Center facilities offer dedicated medical services under the slogan ‘Dong-A University Medical Center with Care and Humanitarianism’ Dong-a University hospital opened in March 1990, based on faith, service, and philanthropy, providing accurate diagnoses and efficient treatment with cutting-edge facilities and high-tech medical equipment.

It improves health and welfare, and operates a disease control program jointly with the medical college, leads high-level clinical medical studies, and nurtures superior medical talent. The center also delivers the latest medical technologies and information to local medical organizations as an academic medical institute.

The 21st century is a period of globalization and information knowledge management. Dong-a university hospital has operated clinics for the Busan Asian Games and the Korea-Japan World Cup as part of its efforts to internationalize and expand its mission and the role of its medical institutes. It copies dedicated to addressing new opportunities in medical market expansion. It is working on hospital facility expansion, and on attaining a fully modernized suite of medical devices, expanding projects supporting the newest medical education and studies, and offering premium service to patients.to the center is striving to become a world-class hospital in Busan, Korea’s gateway city, to meet both local needs as well as global trends.
Dong-a University Hospital Director, Huh jae Teack