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Emergency Service

The Emergency Medical Center

The Emergency Medical Center performs emergency treatment for acute diseases or injuries and rehabilitates patients to a normal level in as short a time as possible, elevating the effects of treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation. It has an emergency surgery room with a wide treatment space for shortened waiting times and rapid recovery.

Nurse’s Room: 051-240-5300~2 – Emergency Administration Dept. : 051-240-2320

Operation Hours

The Emergency Medical Center takes application and treats 24 hours a day.


Fill in the treatment application form and submit it to the Emergency Reception Desk.


Submit the application form and medical history card to nurses in the emergency center. The doctors in charge will implement emergency treatment and determine whether or not patients should be admitted to the hospital.


Patients determined not requiring admission emergency center or requiring later treatment should pay the service fee at the Emergency Payment Desk and receive a receipt or reservation card.

Going home

Accept medicine after submitting the receipt to the nurse and understand the notification concerning about the later treatment or the procedure for leaving.


Patients determined to require admission should obtain a hospitalization form from the doctor in charge and submit it at the Inpatient Reception Deck (Emergency Reception Desk at night).