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Specialized Center

Busan Regional Cardio-cerebrovascular Center

The Cardio-cerebrovascular Center is equipped with professional facilities and high-tech devices concentrating on heart and cardiovascular treatment with a rapid diagnostic system to implement emergency treatment for patients with cardiovascular diseases. It also performs general treatment services ranging from cardinal disease prevention to rehabilitation, through connections with the Preventive Management Center and the Cardio-cerebrovascular Rehabilitative Center to elevate living quality for residents of the region.

The Cerebrovascular Center plays a key role in the Busan and Ulsan areas in terms of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for cerebrovascular disorders. In particular, it is establishing Korea’s first Stroke Unit (Intensive stroke care) with 10 sickbeds and noticeably increasing treatment effects through the concentrated focus on stroke patient treatment.

The Stroke Rehabilitation Center rehabilitates lost patient function as much as possible by precisely interpreting various disabilities at the best times. It helps patients return to their families and society through constant training and tracking after hospital discharge.

The Preventive Management Center pursues the elevation of patient quality of life by enacting a specialized training program for inpatients with cardio-cerebrovascular disorders and their guardians, as well as encouraging early rehabilitation while reducing complications and recurrences. It also develops and operates a training and promotion program in order to improve knowledge and practice on cardio-cerebrovascular disorders as well as promote prevention, early detection, and management. It has established a cooperative network in the local community to improve medical service quality.

General Health Promotion Center

The Health Improvement Center provides accurate and complete examinations, specialized and customized health checkup programs, a one-stop system, lifetime health management, and special services for foreign patients resolving the language problem and making them feel as comfortable as being at home.

Robotic Surgery Center

The Robotic Surgery Center in Dong-a University Hospital, has a high reputation in the Busan and Gyeongnam area owing to Korea’s first robotic surgery program, and participation in ‘da Vinci Robot’ development. It has invited worldwide renowned figures in robotic surgery and holds symposiums. It also opened a Robotic Surgery Center homepage, providing useful information and communicating with users.
In adopting the ‘da Vinci Robot’ in 2007, it has performed approximately 500 surgeries as of 2012. The Surgery Dept. uses Robotic Surgery for tonsillar cancer and thyroid disorders, thoracic surgery for esophagus cancer, otolaryngology for tonsillar cancer and thyroid disorders, Obstetrics/Gynecology for diverse gynecologic disorders like uterine cancer and uterine myoma, and the Urology Dept. for bladder cancer, kidney cancer and urethra stricture.

Regional Emergency Medical Center

Appointed as the first Regional Emergency Medical Center in Busan, the center ensures effective communication and cooperation between all medical institutions in the area in preparation for unexpected emergency situations. The center is equipped with the facilities and equipment for effective treatment and management as a tertiary hospital. The center also maintains a cooperative hospital system with many hospitals in South Gyeongsang Province, Busan, as well as an organic relationship with the 119 Emergency Medical Information Center.

Cancer Center

The Cancer Center provides early detection of various cancers and is equipped with a cooperative system with medical departments, such as Hemato-oncology, Pediatric Hemato-oncology, and Radiation Oncology, for professional and systematic treatment (Cancer Radiation Therapy). The center's medical specialists continue to develop and identify the latest treatment options based on new research and their experience with various cancer treatments (in particular, stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and stem cell transplant). The center's goal is to implement professional and effective patient-oriented treatment for their patients' full recovery.

Breast Center

The Breast Care Center offers various services to support patients with early diagnosis of breast cancer, radical surgery and breast reconstruction. The center includes 12 medical departments:which collaborate to provide patients with individually tailored treatment plans. The center also provides a pleasant and comfortable environment staffed with highly skilled and caring nurses. The facility offers a personal touch and guarantees customer satisfaction. Counseling, the ability to access to the pharmacy and the nutrition department are a few of the services made available to patients on a weekly basis.

Novalis Radiosurgery Center

Novalis is a treatment that accurately removes a non-invasive cancer site. This cutting-age cancer surgery equipment is operated by Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology and is mainly used for tumors, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, spinal tumors, and malignant pain treatment because of its excellent effect.

Spine Center

The Spine Center consists of the best medical specialists in cooperation with Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation, Pain Clinic, and Neurology to provide systematic and quick treatment for spine diseases. The surgical teams are focused on minimizing side effects and preventing relapse and selects optimal patient-centered surgical methods.

Liver Center

The Liver Center is able to detect liver cancer in its early stages for patients being treated for chronic hepatitis B and C and others under ongoing observation for cirrhotic. The center can later proceed or follow up with relevant procedures which include operating for liver disease, high-frequency heat treatment, alcohol injection, and or arterial embolization through cooperation treatment with surgery and diagnostic radiology. The center's ultimate goal is to help cure all patients with liver cancer. Patients' lives can be extended through systemic and oral anticancer drug treatment as well as arterial chemotherapy for those with advanced liver cancer. The institute delivers high quality and patient-focused treatment. The goal of each treatment is to enhance the quality of the patients' life.

Organ Transplant Center

The Organ Transplant center registers and manages organ donors and those waitlisted for organ transplants in accordance with the laws related to organ transplant in 2000. The center offers mediation and arbitration services while maintaining close contact with transplant surgeons and transplant coordinators to ensure the most successful organ transplant.

Gastroenterology Center

Medical treatment from the Gastroenterology Center will depend on the area of digestive diseases. The following clinics work in collaboration with the center: Stomach/Esophagus Clinic, Colon/Rectum Clinic, Liver Clinic, Pancreas, and Biliary Clinic. Each clinic implements professional treatment in an early stage through counseling and medical services centered on digestive medicine and surgery for all medical issues, including all related diseases and they endeavor to achieve the best clinical result for medical problems.

General Health Promotion Center

The Health Improvement Center provides accurate and complete examinations, specialized and customized health checkup programs, a one-stop system, lifetime health management, and special services for foreign patients resolving the language problem and making them feel as comfortable as being at home.

Thyroid Center

The Thyroid Center offers a standard treatment policy and close cooperation, for a thorough examination and detection of thyroid cancer. The procedure will also include counseling with a medical professional, an imaging, and a histological examination.

Neonatal Intensive Care Center

The Neonatal Intensive Care Center is a leader in high-risk maternal and newborn treatment. Emergency care and surgery are available 24 hours a day in collaboration with other hospital centers and departments.

Children's Center

The Children's Center has been providing medical treatments for the children and adolescents with associated hospital departments since 2011. The center's mission is to offer comfortable and safer treatments with professional medical care specialized in children and teens. So that pediatric patients and their guardians can easily gain access to our medical doctors. We have improved our healthcare reservation system so with just one single visit and with the support of our health professional staff pediatric patients and their guardians can receive medical treatments on the same day. In addition, visitors at the children's center can make reservations for their next consultations and receive on-the-spot medical examinations in our specialized laboratories.

Bloodless Center

In the wake of the worldwide trend for bloodless treatment and desperate expectations of the patient's desire for transfusion-free surgery due to the fear of surgery caused by side effects, such as AIDS or religious beliefs and infection, the center is equipped with excellent medical technology and equipment to become a reliable hospital.

Diabetic Center

The Diabetic Center strives to prevent complications associated with diabetes by offering accurate and early diagnoses and intensive care. Patients will have the opportunity to learn more about diabetes through various training sessions, which will enable them to treat their diseases more effectively and ensure that they live happy and healthy lives.

Diabetic Foot Center

The Diabetic Foot Center is equipped with same day treatment and examination systems and endeavors to provide the best diabetic foot care. Enhancing the patients' quality of life is the center's ultimate goal; by preventing amputations and other vascular complications through proactive risk management, treatment, surgical training, and rehabilitation. The center chooses the best treatment and management policies for patients through integrated treatment and consultation with relevant specialists and conferences.

Sports Medicine Center

The Sports Medicine Center provides accurate diagnoses for various injuries and pain related to exercise and utilizes sports rehabilitation exercise programs suitable for each stage of treatment. This includes aggressive medication, injections, physical therapy, and special extra -corporeal shock wave therapy after injury or surgery, depending on the patient's activity level.

Busan Metropolitan Dementia Center

In order to expand and meet the demand of the the National Dementia Management Policy the Busan Metropolitan City consigned the Busan Metropolitan Dementia Center to Dong-A University Hospital. The center promotes a substantial dementia management project in Busan based on the vision of “Happy Aging of Busan Citizens through Mental Health.”The center is also responsible for implementing various projects in the city, including promotion and research to improve community awareness, training of professional staff, developing dementia management services, and resource evaluations. The center also participates in campaign activities related to dementia prevention and wants to ensure the happy retirement of Busan citizens with mental health.

Parkinson's Disease Center

In the Parkinson's Disease Center, patients can take advantage of an accurate diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's diseases, genetic tests to find out the status of genetic diseases, and whether the illness is likely due to occupation, dementia diagnosis, (which may be accompanied by Parkinson), or exercise therapy. Also, patients can experience clinical administration of Parkinson's disease drugs which are not commercially available in Korea.

Cognitive Disorders and Dementia Center

The Cognitive Disorders and Dementia Center is equipped with a professional integrated health care system of cognitive impairment associated with diseases, to deal with the increasing number of patients with cognitive disorders associated with degenerative brain diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. This system is also directly linked to the Busan Metropolitan Dementia Center. This center is a regional leader in terms of research and total patients.

Clinical Trial Center

The Clinical Testing & Research Center was appointed as a Regional Clinical Trial Center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in April, 2009. It has been carrying out entire process of clinical testing in compliance with ICH-GCP and KGCP standards, both ethically and scientifically.
It endeavors to secure and nurture talented personnel through various events like clinical research training, symposiums, workshops, seminars, etc. and offer an optimal clinical testing environment to researchers with full support in terms of facilities, personnel, and devices.

International Medical Center

The International Medical Center has been offering foreign patients advanced medical services in areas such as medical consultation, request for medical expenses, hospitalization procedures, invitation letters for various documents and visas, and pick-up services since 2009, the year it was registered to Korea Health Industry Development Institute. The International Medical Center offers the best services including a private waiting room, multilingual broadcasting channels western-style meals as well as quick and accurate medical treatment and diagnosis with the latest and most advanced technology. At the International Medical Center, we strive to develop the quality of medical services for our foreign patients through the accreditation of medical institutions designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.